Job Description Tools

The Job Description (JOBD) tools is a small set of comands that help eliminate the need for hard coded library lists. Library lists can now be placed, where they were ment to be, inside a Job Description object. Contact us today for more information.

Features and Benefits

  • Library lists no longer needed to be coded in CL programs.
  • Easily scan one or more Job Descriptions for invalid library list entries.
  • Easily update one or more Job Descriptions.
    • Add new libraries.
    • Remove old or unused libraries.
    • Move libraries around.
    • Remove all invalid libraries.
    • Replace a library with a different library.
  • Save a library list, run a command, then reset the library list.
  • Save and restore library lists during the execution of a program.
  • No per partition pricing. 1 Copy is good for 1 serial number regardless of number of partitions.
  • No maintenance fees for the frist year. Optional thereafter.
  • No per user licensing.
  • Download and try with no obligation.
  • Earliest OS release is V5R4M0.
  • Pricing available upon request.

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