MENUi Menu System (CMS)

MENUi is a custom menu system (CMS) written for the System i, or more commonly known as the AS400. All aspects of the menu system can be controlled by the menu administrator. With it, menus can be created, copied, updated, and deleted in seconds. No longer are programmers required to maintain a menu system where changes are not always easily made. Need to update a menu while people are using it? Need to track when and by whom menu options are taken? That's no problem for MENUi. Contact us today for more information, or download the release guide and discover some of the other menu benifits of the MENUi menu system.

Features and Benefits

  • Menus are file driven - No more programmers needed.
  • Assign a menu to 1 or more users.
  • Menu options are common to all menus which makes the look and feel consistant.
  • Password protect a menu option.
  • Confirm the running of a menu option via a Y/N popup window.
  • Easily track who takes a menu option and when.
    • Filters can be applied to trap who and when certain menu options are taken or when a particular user takes a menu option.
  • Menu option security.
    • Based on user profile.
    • Based on job.
    • Based on custom program.
  • 998 options per menu.
  • You can go down 900+ menus deep.
  • Menus can be hooked to a user profile.
    • Regular menu.
    • Pop-up menu hooked to the attention key.
  • User defined special values that can be embedded to a program call or menu header.
  • Menus can be shown in 1 to 8 column format.
  • Seamlessly switch between 24X80 and 27X132 format.
  • No per partition pricing. 1 Copy is good for 1 serial number regardless of number of partitions.
  • No maintenance fees for the frist year. Optional thereafter.
  • No per user licensing.
  • Download and try with no obligation.
  • Pricing available upon request.
  • Plus Much More!

News and Events

May 18th, 2017

  • Version 4 beta available for download. Version has host of new features. Notifications , exit points, and item run sequence to name a few. Contact us for more information.